Ben Patterson was born in the quaint suburbs of Mesa Arizona. He is currently residing & working as a full time artist somewhere near or about Portland, Oregon. He is a mover (he literally moves around a lot), a self proclaimed social anthropologist and a pretty damn good carpenter.

Ambiguous backdrops manifest animals, insects, and birdhouse-like structures littered with graffiti and symbolism in Ben Patterson's artwork. The vague simplistic settings reflect an eluding uncertainty and emphasize the dissolving environmental condition. Patterson's modest subjects embrace the natural world alongside urban aesthetics, ultimately succumbing to their allures yet harmonizing these diverse elements. Patterson's unique imaginative representations are packed with confidence and attitude while touching upon certain pop culture references and humor. Even though most of Patterson's artworks flaunt change, their true identity is not lost or forgotten.

Fine. My work is about environmentalism, defiance, and imagination... Ok, ok, and a wee bit of sarcasm, just a bit, like a tid bit but more.


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